I was born in Boone, North Carolina, the oldest of four children. My parents                                                                             ran a group home when I was a child and that is where I spent my first years.                                                                             When I was five, we moved to a small town outside of Asheville. Growing up, I                                                                         was very active in Girl Scouts, dance classes, and piano lessons. Reading, traveling,                                                                     and studying other languages (particularly Spanish) were among my favorite                                                                               activities. Beginning in high school, I spent seven summers working at Folkmoot USA, North Carolina's International Dance Festival. Being a guide there allowed me to work with people from ten different countries every year and exercise my translation skills. 

                                      After graduating as valedictorian of my high school class, I attended the University of North Carolina                                       Greensboro to study theatre. Second semester sophomore year, I had the opportunity to study in                                               Mannheim, Germany. Living abroad teaches you a lot about the world around you as well as about                                           yourself; I believe I am a better and stronger person for my experience there and encourage everyone                                         to find a way to travel. Upon my return, I enrolled at the College of William and Mary in Virginia,                                           receiving a B.A. in Theatre and a minor in music. Between studying and working on shows, I was                                             extremely active in Club Gymnastics (competing at Nationals my junior year), the Office of Student                                         Volunteer Services, and working at the campus daycare center.

                                      Upon graduation, I was hired as an actor at the Pennsylvania Renaissance Faire                                                                         where I got to play Italian inventor Leona da Vinci, the great-great-grandaughter                                                                       of Leonardo da Vinci. Working there brought not only a steady paycheck from                                                                           work that I loved, but also training in improv, accents, and Shakespeare. When                                                                            the season ended, I packed my bags and fulfilled a lifelong dream of moving to                                                                           New York City.

                                                                 Less than a week after arriving, I was hired for my first job in                                                                                                      the Big Apple as Zuzu the elf at Macy's Santaland. Little did I                                                                                                    expect what an epic adventure the job would be; the following                                                                                                    year I was one of six elves asked to ride with Santa Claus                                                                                                            himself in the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade, fulfillment of                                                                                                    another dream. In the 2013 parade I was asked to perform in                                                                                                        Herald Square as a Despicable Me minion. Since moving to                                                                                                        New York, I have discovered the joy of long                                                                                                          d                    distance running, completing three full marathons to date,                                                                                                            including running the 2013 NYC Marathon with the American                                                                                                  Cancer Society, an extremely meaningful experience, and a

                                                                 personal best of 3:44 at the Marine Corps Marathon

                                                                 Singing, dancing, and acting have had a profound impact                                                                                                              on my life and I find my greatest joy in sharing that with                                                                                                            others. I look forward to finding my next great adventure!